I was introduced to Korean popular culture about two and a half years ago. First K-dramas and then K-Pop; my interest grew and grew. I am an avid listener of K-Pop and have seen many K-dramas. There is something about Korean popular culture that draws you in and always keeps you coming back for more. There are many similarities between it and American culture, but it is still extremely unique and entertaining.

As a senior Journalism major at Pacific Lutheran University, I am required to complete a ‘culminating project.’ The project should display skills and interests that I have obtained during my career at PLU and show the department and administration that I have actually learned something and that I am worthy of my diploma.

This is my project. Titled ‘The Boys of K-Pop,’ I am running a blog that examines a wide variety of K-Pop boy band music videos and their portrayals of masculinity. I thought that this would be a good project for me because it combines two of my favorite things: K-Pop and writing. I rely on various books, communication theories, YouTube comments and my own experiences to analyze these videos. I had the opportunity to study away in Seoul, South Korea for a semester and attend a handful of K-Pop concerts. Living in Seoul deepened my interest in Korean popular culture and Korean culture as a whole.

**All thoughts and opinions on this blog are solely my own. All videos, photos, and other materials are not mine, unless stated. All videos are from Youtube and photos are from Google Images. I own nothing. **

Ready, set, here we go! Let’s K-Pop it up!


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