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6-member group BEAST is an amazing group of dancers; it is something that they are well-known for. Through this video, they really try to display their dancing talent. This video for “Beautiful” is similar to MBLAQ’s “This Is War,” in the way that it is more of like a story video and not just a video to go along with the song. The video is over 7 minutes long! The song is broken up to allow for different dance routines and conversations between dance members to take place. There is actually a second part to this music video story which you can watch if you are curious.

BEAST is a Korean boy group that often falls under the kkominam (꽃미남) category. Translated to English, this means ‘flower’ or ‘pretty’ boy. These boys tend to have a softer masculinity, comprised of softer or more delicate features as well as a more cutesy and playful demeanor. “Beautiful” shows the boys of BEAST both in their kkominam state as well as in their tougher, b-boy style. I think that the video provides a really good snapshot of a middle ground approach to masculinity that many K-Pop videos have. For example, in “Beautiful,” the boys try to show their coolness and toughness by the dancing that they do, the way they interact with girls, the way they treat each other and the jealously they feel when they feel that someone else is stepping on their territory. But, during the shots of the entire group dancing together, the boys have more delicate, playful and cutesy dance moves, gestures and facial expressions. They rub their eyes, play peekaboo, make the shape of a heart with their hands, and so on.

BEAST has a variety of different music videos, just like countless other groups do. Others of theirs have much more serious topics and themes and showcase them as whatever they need to be. BEAST’s masculinity is very malleable and can change from video to video.