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The boys of Infinite (인피니트), a 7-member group, are more of nuna killers than U-Kiss could ever dream of being. Ranging in age from 18-23, the younger group appeals to girls of all ages. Girls can’t help but like them. They can sing, they can dance, and they are easy on the eyes. What’s not to like?

This music video, ‘Nothing’s Over,’ is one of the group’s earlier songs. You can see them all in their pastel-colored skinny jeans, playing around with each other, and acting silly, especially at the end of the video. One of them even pats another on the behind. Girls like these types of groups because they seem as though they don’t take themselves too seriously, they have strong friendships with the other members, and they are extremely comfortable with one another. Not only does this attract girls their own age, but also older girls who see them as adorable younger boys.

Teen Top: 

Boy groups are starting to debut at younger ages in Korea. Another group, that is even younger than Infinite, is Teen Top. The youngest member of Teen Top is just 16 years old, with the oldest being just 19. The members of the group still have baby faces, making them look just as young as they are. Groups like Teen Top, as well as other labeled ‘nuna killers’ have power some groups just can’t attain. Older boy groups have to focus on using other avenues to attract an audience: catchy songs, excellent choreography and lyrics, and their experience in the industry. Younger groups like Infinite and Teen Top have those things (just maybe not as much experience) plus their age in their favor.



Although we have already talked about SHINee, I think that they are worth a mention in this post. SHINee is the epitome of nuna killers. Their debut single was titled ‘Noona, You’re So Pretty,’ directly targeting women who were older than them. They are still pretty young. Today, the oldest one in the group is just 22, and this video was years ago. K-Pop groups have the power to transcend any age barriers and appeal to a mass audience. But is there ever such as thing as too young? What do you think?